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ESI workshop on
large cardinals and descriptive set theory

Vienna, June 14 – 27 2009

Program Committee: S. Friedman (Universität Wien, Austria)
M. Goldstern (TU Wien, Austria)
R. Jensen ( Humboldt-Universität, Germany)
A. Kechris (Caltech, USA)
W.H. Woodin (UC Berkeley, USA)


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Opening hours and registration

Social events

There are two social events scheduled during the conference, please click here for more information.


If you have been offered financial support, see here where and when you can get reimbursement.


The emphasis in the first week is on Large Cardinals, in the second on Descriptive Set Theory. But this division is not strict.

The abstracts and the timetable (as well as a map and some local information) are listed in the booklet you will get at registration. This booklet can also be downloaded here.


Most speakers have sent us a pdf file with their presentation slides, or will do so soon after the conference. The presentation can be found here.