2012: Seminar talks

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2012-01-12Howard Becker
(Universität Münster, Germany)
Isomorphism of Computable Structures and Vaught's Conjecture
2012-01-19André Nies
(University of Auckland, New Zealand)
Borel structures and Borel theories
2012-03-01Michael Pinsker
(Paris 7, France, TU Wien, Austria, and Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
Reducts of the random partial order
2012-03-08Yurii Khomskii
Regularity Idealized
2012-03-15Giorgio Laguzzi
Separation of regularity properties
2012-03-22Moritz Müller
Refutation complexity of relativized spectra
2012-03-29Sy-David Friedman
The complexity of isomorphism
2012-04-19Martin Bays
(McMaster University, Ontario, Canada)
Abelian integrals and categoricity
2012-04-26Diego Alejandro Mejía Guzmán
(Universidad Nacional de Colombia)
Matrix iterations and Cichon's diagram
2012-05-03Hubie Chen
(Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain)
Meditations on Quantified Constraint Satisfaction
2012-05-10Alexander Osipov
(Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
Set-open topology on the space of continuous functions
2012-05-16André Nies
(University of Auckland, New Zealand)
Complexity of equivalence relations
2012-05-24Jindrich Zapletal
(U of Florida, USA and Czech Academy of Sciences)
Canonical Ramsey Theory on Polish Spaces
2012-05-31Misha Gavrilovich
Shelah's revised power function as a homotopy invariant
2012-06-14Miguel Angel Mota
A spectral approach to reflection principles
2012-06-28Andrey Morozov
(Novosibirsk State University, Russia)
On Sigma-definability of structures over the reals
2012-07-04Frank Tall
(University of Toronto, Canada)
Topological problems for set theorists, II
2012-07-05Antonio Montalbán
(University of Chicago, USA)
A computability-theoretic equivalent of Vaught's Conjecture
2012-07-10Russell Miller
(Queens College, City College of New York, USA)
Finitary reducibility on equivalence relations
2012-07-11Julia Knight
(University of Notre Dame, USA)
An example illustrating a theorem of Gregory
2012-10-04Vadim Kulikov
Analyzing the Complexity of Wild Knot Equivalence
2012-10-11Dan Turetsky
Racing Pawns, Internal Hyperarithmetic Comprehension, and the Law of the Excluded Middle
2012-10-18Asger Törnquist
(University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
The Poulsen simplex as a Fraisse limit
2012-10-18Laura Fontanella
Large Properties at Small Cardinals
2012-11-08Shuguo Zhang
(Sichuan University, People's Republic of China)
Relations between the I-ultrafilters
2012-11-15Matthias Schröder
Computable Analysis and Topology
2012-11-22Martin Goldstern
(TU Wien, Austria)
Cardinal characteristics in Cichon's diagram
2012-11-29Peter Telec
The history of logic at the University of Vienna
2012-12-06Dan Turetsky
Computable Categoricity
2012-12-13Sam Sanders
(Ghent University, Belgium and MCMP München, Germany)
Reuniting the antipodes: bringing together Nonstandard Analysis and Constructive Analysis
2012-12-20Leandro F. Aurichi
(ICMC-USP, University of São Paulo, Brazil)
Some selective versions of separability-like properties

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