Program DST Workshop (week 4)

First Day:
Monday September 30, 2013
Last Day:
Friday October 4, 2013
Social program:
Tuesday October 1, excursion to Rust and dinner.

The following schedule is still preliminary and subject to change.

You can also download the following program as pdf file.

MONDAY September 30

09:00— Opening and Registration —
09:30Hiroshi Ando:
   Ultraproducts, QWEP von Neumann algebras, and the Effros-Marechal topology. abstract
10:20— Coffee Break —
11:10Dana Bartošová:
   Near ultrafilters, groups of automorphisms and unique amenability.
12:00— Lunch Break
14:00Kostas Beros:
   Universal subgroups. abstract
15:05Marton Elekes:
   Ranks on Baire class $\alpha$ functions. abstract
15:35— Coffee Break —
16:15Udayan (Dario) Darji:
   Some examples of universal maps. abstract
17:00Miodrag Sokic:
   Semilattices. abstract

TUESDAY October 1

09:00Vassilis Gregoriades:
   Classes of Polish spaces under effective Borel isomorphism. abstract
09:50— Coffee Break —
10:20Aleksandra Kwiatkowska:
   Projective Fraïssé limits and the pseudo-arc.
11:25Samuel Ziegler:
   Weak equivalence and invariant random subgroups.
11:55— Lunch Break —
13:30— Departure for Social Program (Rust) from Sensengasse 2a —


09:00Asger Törnquist:
   Diagonalizing almost disjoint families.
09:50— Coffee Break —
10:20Aaron Hill:
   Rank-one measure-preserving transformations.
11:25Su Gao:
   A model for rank one transformations. abstract
11:55— Lunch Break
14:00Andrew Marks:
   Borel combinatorics, and countable Borel equivalence relations.
15:05Steve Jackson:
15:35— Coffee Break —
16:15Alberto Marcone:
   The complexity of isometric embeddability between ultrametric Polish spaces with fixed set of distances.
17:00Pandelis Dodos:
   Some recent results in Ramsey Theory. abstract

THURSDAY October 3

09:00Robin Tucker-Drob:
   A von-Neumann algebra free proof of solid ergodicity for Bernoulli shifts.
09:50— Coffee Break —
10:20Jay Williams:
   Cone measures, biembeddability, and isomorphism of Kazhdan groups.
11:25Vladimir Kanovei:
   On the countable cofinality of definable chains in Borel partial orders.
11:55— Lunch Break
14:00Christian Rosendal:
   Large scale geometry of metrisable groups. abstract
15:05Maciej Malicki:
   Non-locally compact Polish groups and essentially countable orbit equivalence relations.
15:35— Coffee Break —
16:15Scott Schneider:
   Simultaneous reducibility of pairs of Borel equivalence relations.
17:00Brandon Seward:
   Locally nilpotent groups and hyperfinite equivalence relations. abstract

FRIDAY October 4

09:00Marcin Sabok:
   Completeness of the isomorphism problem for separable C*-algebras.
09:50— Coffee Break —
10:20François Le Maître:
   Topological generators for full groups. abstract
11:25Kostyantyn Slutskyy:
   Automatic continuity for homomorphisms into free products. abstract
11:55— Lunch Break
13:45Todor Tsankov:
   Weakly almost periodic functions, model-theoretic stability, and minimality of topological groups. abstract
14:50Phillip Wesolek:
   Conjugacy class conditions in totally disconnected locally compact Polish groups.
15:20— Coffee Break —
16:00Slawomir Solecki:
   Dual Ramsey theorem for trees.
17:05Tomek Bartoszynski:

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