2013 seminar talk: Determinacy, a two-way bridge from logic to economics

Talk held by Stéphane Le Roux (TU Darmstadt, Germany) at the KGRC seminar on 2013-10-10.


Borel determinacy gives a game-theoretic meaning to Borel sets and is invoked, e.g., to describe the Wadge hierarchy; finite-memory determinacy of Muller games and positional determinacy of parity games both connect logic and automata theory. All these various determinacy results involve two-player games with two possible outcomes saying who wins. First, I will show that all such determinacy results can be generalised for many outcomes instead of two; second, I will show that Borel determinacy can also be generalised for many players and many outcomes instead of two; third, I will mention a possible further generalisation of Borel determinacy that is not proved yet; and finally I will explain how a new result on finite tree-games might be generalised on the Baire space.

The three abstracts below give slightly more details:




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