Courses Winter Semester 2016/2017

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Note: To be graded, your registration including name, enrollment number, e-mail address, and signature is required in the first two weeks of the semester!

Note: All lectures at the KGRC are given in English, or at least can be given in English if requested.

Note: Information on this page is tentative and subject to change without notice!

Place "KGRC": Währinger Straße 25, top floor, lecture room 101

NumberTypeHours (ECTS)TitleModuleLecturerTimePlaceLanguage
 VO4.0 (6.0)Introduction to mathematical logicMLOLVera Fischersee preparatory meetingKGRCEnglish
 PS2.0 (3.0)Introductory seminar: "Introduction to mathematical logic"MLOLDiana Carolina Montoya Amayasee preparatory meetingKGRCEnglish
 VO2.0 (7.0)Reading course set theoryMLOVLyubomyr Zdomskyysee preparatory meetingKGRCEnglish
 VO3.0 (5.0)Introduction to theoretical computer scienceMLOVMoritz Müllersee preparatory meetingKGRCEnglish
 SE2.0 (4.0)Seminar (mathematical logic)MLOSSy-David FriedmanMon, Wed 2:00pm–3:00pm
begins 2016‑10‑03
 SE2.0 (4.0)Research Seminar (Mathematical logic)MLOSSy-David FriedmanThu 4:00pm–6:00pm
begins 2016‑10‑06
 VO2.0 (4.0)Selected topics in set theoryMLOVBen MillerTue, Thu 2:00pm–3:00pm
begins 2016‑10‑04

Preparatory meeting

The times and begin dates for VO Introduction to mathematical logic, PS Introductory seminar: "Introduction to mathematical logic", VO Reading course set theory, and VO Introduction to theoretical computer science will be fixed in a preparatory meeting on 2016-10-03, 12:00pm at the KGRC lecture room (room 101).


MLOL - Mathematische Logik (mathematical logic)

MLOM - Axiomatische Mengenlehre (axiomatic set theory)

MLOI - Theoretische Informatik (theoretical computer science)

MLOS - Seminare: Mathematische Logik und theoretische Informatik (seminars in mathematical logic and computer science)

MLOV - Vertiefungslehrveranstaltungen für den Studienschwerpunkt "Mathematische Logik und theoretische Informatik" (courses elaborating on mathematical logic and theoretical computer science as an area of study)

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