2018 seminar talk: A dichotomy for topological embeddability between continuous functions

Talk held by Raphaël Carroy (KGRC) at the KGRC seminar on 2018-11-22.


We say a function $f$ embeds (topologically) in a function $g$ when there are two topological embeddings $\sigma$ and $\tau$ satisfying $\tau \circ f = g \circ \sigma$. I will prove the following dichotomy: the quasi-order of topological embeddability between continuous functions on compact zero-dimensional Polish spaces is either an analytic complete quasi-order, or a well-quasi-order.

This is a joint work with Yann Pequignot and Zoltán Vidnyánszky.

Time and Place

Tea at 3:30pm in the KGRC meeting room

Talk at 4:00pm in the KGRC lecture room

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