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portrait Univ.-Prof. Matthias Aschenbrenner, PhD
matthias.aschenbrenner (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50550 Room 07.51
portrait Ömer Faruk Bag, MSc
oemer.bag (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50569 Room 07.57
portrait Serhii Bardyla, PhD
serhii.bardyla (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50566 Room 07.54
portrait Dr. Noé de Rancourt (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50570 Room 07.43
portrait Professor Clifton Ealy, PhD [Western Illinois University]
ealyc72 (a)
Room 07.52
portrait Monroe Eskew, PhD
monroe.eskew (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50560 Room 07.49
portrait Dr. Vera Fischer
vera.fischer (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50520 Room 07.50
portrait o. Univ.-Prof. i.R. Dr. Sy-David Friedman
sy.friedman (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50501 Room 07.56
portrait Mag. Marlene Koelbing
marlene.koelbing (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50544 Room 07.43
portrait Maxwell Levine, PhD
maxwell.levine (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50559 Room 07.57
portrait Jana Maříková, PhD
jana.marikova (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50571 Room 07.47
portrait Andrea Medini, PhD
andrea.medini (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50540 Room 07.49
portrait Univ.-Prof. Benjamin Miller, PhD
benjamin.miller (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50545 Room 07.42
portrait Dr. Diana Carolina Montoya Amaya
diana.carolina.montoya.amaya (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50538 Room 07.43
portrait Miguel Moreno, PhD
morenom71 (a)
Room 07.43
portrait Dr. Sandra Müller [on leave]
mueller.sandra (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50556 Room 07.52
portrait Jonathan Schilhan, MSc
jonathan.schilhan (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50563 Room 07.57
portrait Dr. David Schrittesser
david.schrittesser (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50557 Room 07.54
portrait Damian Sobota, PhD
damian.sobota (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50555 Room 07.54
portrait Zoltán Vidnyánszky, PhD
zoltan.vidnyanszky (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50558 Room 07.49
portrait Dr. Wolfgang Wohofsky
wolfgang.wohofsky (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50567 Room 07.43
portrait Lyubomyr Zdomskyy, PhD
lyubomyr.zdomskyy (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50521 Room 07.46


portrait Richard Springer
richard.springer (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50519 Room 07.55


portrait Mag. Petra Czarnecki
petra.czarnecki (a)
Phone +43-1-4277-50501 Room 07.48

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