Research grants

The KGRC gratefully acknowledges funding from the following sources. The homepages of most of the funding agencies can be found on our external links page.

Total Volume

The total volume of research grants awarded to the KGRC (not counting "outgoing" grants awarded to KGRC members):

FWF Austrian Science Fund

START prize:

Stand-alone projects:

Hertha Firnberg project:

Lise Meitner fellowships (all joint with S. Friedman):

Elise-Richter program:

ESPRIT program:

International projects:

Joint Seminar program:

EU Marie Curie

The European Union funded two projects (Reintegration Grants) implemented at the KGRC:

In addition, two KGRC members received outgoing Intra-European-Fellowships (to the Hebrew U.  of Jerusalem, Israel):

Templeton Foundation

ESF European Science Foundation

The KGRC participated in the ESF Research Networking Programme New Frontiers of Infinity (2009–2014), funding the following visitors to the KGRC: T. Arrigoni, D. Asperó, V. Dimonte, B. Irrgang, T. Johnstone, A. Karagila (twice), J. Knight, B. Miller, R. Miller, A. Montalban, M. Sabok (twice), H. Sakai, B. Tsaban.

Erasmus Mundus

The Erasmus Mundus program EM ECW14 partially funded the visit of L. Wu (2010–2011).

ÖAW Austrian Academy of Sciences

APART fellowship:

L’Oréal Austria fellowship:

The following KGRC members received DOC fellowships from the ÖAW:

OeAD Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research

The OeAD has granted an Aktion Österreich-Ungarn project (grant 85öu3, 2012–2013) and seven WTZ grants (Wissenschaftlich-Technische Zusammenarbeit): with Spain, grant 3/2004 (2004–2005); with Poland, grants PL 01/2009 (2009–2010) and PL 01/2011 (2011); and with the Czech Republic, grants CZ 04/2009 (2009–2010), CZ 02/2011 (2011–2012), CZ 10/2013 (2013–2014), CZ 04/2015 (2015–2016), CZ 06/2017 (2017–2018) and CZ 07/2019 (2019–2020).

German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes)

The following KGRC member received a fellowship from the German Academic Scholarship Foundation:

Additional funding for conferences

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