KGRC Research Seminar

In the KGRC Research Seminar, current research in Mathematical Logic is presented. Since its beginning in 1999, about 400 talks have been given, about half of them by visitors from outside Austria, including numerous leaders in the field. (We recently started another seminar as well, the Friday seminar.)

Current year (sorted backwards)
2019‑06‑13Sy-David Friedman
Mighty Mouse 
2019‑06‑06Damian Sobota
On convergent sequences of normalised measures on compact spaces 
2019‑05‑23Asaf Karagila
(University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK)
Preservation theorems for symmetric extensions and Krivine-style results 
2019‑05‑09Wolfgang Wohofsky
A Sacks amoeba forcing preserving distributivity of $P(\omega)/fin$ 
2019‑05‑02Philipp Lücke
(Universität Bonn, Germany)
Simple definitions of complicated sets 
2019‑04‑11Ilijas Farah
(York University, Toronto, Canada)
See this announcement for the talk at the Sky Lounge 
2019‑04‑04Diana Carolina Montoya
The equality $\mathfrak{p}=\mathfrak{t}$ and the generalized characteristics 
2019‑03‑28Miha Habič
(Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic and Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic)
Capturing by normal ultrapowers 
2019‑03‑21Yair Hayut
Strong compactness and the filter extension property 
2019‑03‑14Christopher Lambie-Hanson
(Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, USA)
Chromatic numbers of finite subgraphs 
2019‑03‑07Serhii Bardyla
Complete topological semigroups 
2019‑01‑24Benjamin Vejnar
(Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic)
Complexity of the homeomorphism relation between compact spacesBenjamin Vejnar
2019‑01‑17Moritz Müller
(Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain)
Forcing against bounded arithmeticMoritz Müller
2019‑01‑10Natasha Dobrinen
(University of Denver, Colorado, USA)
Ramsey Theory of the Henson graphsNatasha Dobrinen

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