KGRC Research Seminar

In the KGRC Research Seminar, current research in Mathematical Logic is presented. Since its beginning in 1999, about 400 talks have been given, about half of them by visitors from outside Austria, including numerous leaders in the field. (We recently started another seminar as well, the Friday seminar.)

Current year (sorted backwards)
2017‑01‑26Michal Garlík
(Czech Academy of Sciences)
Bounded arithmetic and restricted reduced products 
2017‑01‑19Leandro Aurichi
(University of São Paulo, Brazil)
A characterization for productively ccc spaces 
2017‑01‑12Riccardo Camerlo
(Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
The density function: some remarks, results, and open problemsRiccardo Camerlo

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