About me

Carolin Antos-KubyI am a mathematician and philosopher working in mathematical logic (set theory) and philosophy of mathematics. I recently started work on my project “Forcing in Contemporary Philosophy of Set Theory” which is funded through a Marie-Curie Fellowship of the European Commission. This project is carried out at the University of Konstanz where I am an Associated Fellow at the Zukunftskolleg and Wolfgang Spohn is my supervisor at the Department of Philosophy.

My PhD is in mathematics (“Foundations of Class Forcing”, supervised by Sy-David Friedman, Kurt Gödel Research Center)  and is about higher-order forcing in Morse-Kelley class theory. I have become interested in the foundational aspects of mathematical logic, both from a mathematical and a philosophical-historical perspective and contribute to the “Hyperuniverse” project. My current work lies in philosophy of mathematics where I explore the influence of forcing on the philosophical outcome of research programs in the philosophy of set theory.

I am the recipient, together with Daniel Kuby, of the Bader Prize for the History of Natural Sciences 2014 awarded by the Austrian Academy of the Sciences to develop our upcoming project on “Forcing in Modern Set Theory: A History of Conceptual Change”.