Barnabás Farkas

Barnabás Farkas

I am a postdoc at the

Kurt Gödel Research Center of the University of Vienna

CV, email:

Research interest: set theory, in particular

  • structure of the real line and cardinal invariants of the continuum;
  • combinatorics of ideals on countable sets;
  • descriptive set theory and methods of forcing related to these topics.

In preparation:

• Idealized MAD families.

• Semifilters and equivalence relations (with Jonathan Verner).

Submitted/accepted/published papers:

[8] Towers in filters, cardinal invariants, and Luzin type families (with Jörg Brendle and Jonathan Verner), submitted to Israel J. Math.

[7] Almost disjoint refinements and mixing reals (with Yurii Khomskii and Zoltán Vidnyánszky), submitted to Fund. Math.

[6] Representation of ideals in Polish groups and in Banach spaces (with Piotr Borodulin--Nadzieja and Grzegorz Plebanek), J. Symbolic Logic 80 (2015), no. 4, pages 1268-1289.

[5] Covering properties of ideals (with Marek Balcerzak and Szymon Glab), Arch. Math. Logic 52 (2013), no. 3-4, pages 279-294.

[4] Cardinal coefficients associated to certain orders on ideals (with Piotr Borodulin--Nadzieja), Arch. Math. Logic 51 (2012), pages 187-202.

[3] Hechler's theorem for tall analytic P-ideals, J. Symbolic Logic 76 (2011), no. 2, pages 729-736.

[2] Forcing indestructible extensions of almost disjoint families, Acta Univ. Carolin. Math. Phys. 51 (2010), Proceedings of Winter School 2010, pages 9-12.

[1] More on cardinal invariants of analytic P-ideals (with Lajos Soukup), Comment. Math. Univ. Carolin. 50 (2009), no. 2, pages 281-295.