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My name is Daniel T. Soukup. I finished my PhD in 2015 at the Mathematics Department of the University of Toronto. Currently, I am working at the Kurt Gödel Research Center in Mathematical Logic (Universität Wien) as a postdoc researcher.

Hopefully you'll find the most important academic informations about me on this website. Feel free to contact me in case you got interested in any of the things I work with!

What do I do these days?

    In my research, I study problems that lie on the border of finite and infinite combinatorics, and logic, with a focus on chromatic number and Ramsey-type problems in graph theory and independence results in logic and set theory.

    In plain words, I am interested in understanding large, seemingly random and chaotic abstract mathematical objects by looking at the collection of well-behaving substructures with certain properties. How large can these nice substructures be? Can a small number of them cover? My work is motivated by still open classical problems of Erdős and Hajnal from the 1960s, as well as recent research by Komjáth, Thomasse, Thomassen, Shelah and Todorcevic among others.

    Somehow, I appear in a Spiegel article on the Heidelberg Laureate Forum.

    Below is my talk at the 14th Set Theory Workshop in Luminy, and my invited lecture at the 6th European Set Theory Conference in Budapest.