Anda Tanasie

Anda Ramona Tanasie


I am currently a doctoral student and an Assistant (prae doc) at the University of Vienna. My thesis is supervised by Jakob Kellner (Technical University of Vienna).

I am interested in set theory of the reals, generalized reals and forcing.

Teaching: Proseminar "Axiomatische Mengenlehre 1", SS 2015

I attended the following conferences and workshops:

- Winter School in Abstract Analysis 2013, 2014, 2015
- 6th Young Set Theory Workshop (Oropa, Italy)
- 8th Young Set Theory Workshop (Jerusalem, Israel)
- Sets and Computations Programm, UNS, Section Set Theory (30 March - 10 April 2015)

Invited Talks:
- "The lifting problem and generalized oracle-cc", Set Theory Minisymposia, DMV-Jahrestagung 2015, Hamburg, Germany

Other Talks:
- "The lifting problem for measure and category." PhDs in Logic VII, Vienna, Austria // May 14-16, 2015