Vera Fischer, Privatdoz., PhD.
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Research Interests: Logic, Set Theory.

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Doctoral Thesis External Examiner and Referee:
Master and Bachelor theses:
  1. The pseudo-intersection and tower numbers for uncountable cardinals with D. Montoya, D. Soukup, in preparation.

  2. The Spectrum of Independence, Part II with S. Shelah, in preparation.

  3. Computational Complexity and Forcing with Moritz Müller, in preparation.

  4. The generalized independence number with Diana Carolina Montoya, in preparation.

  5. Definable maximal cofinitary group of intermediate sizes with S.D. Friedman, D. Schrittesser, A. Törnquist, in preparation.

  6. A co-analytic Sacks indestructible maximal independent family preprint.

  7. Sacks indestructible eventually different families , with David Schrittesser, submitted.

  8. Free sequences in $\mathcal{P}(\omega)/fin$ , with D. Chodounsky, J. Grebik, submitted.

  9. Definable maximal independent families with J. Brendle, Y. Khomskii, accepted at the Transactions of the American Mathematical Society.

  10. The spectrum of independence with S. Shelah, accepted at the Archive for Mathematical Logic.

  11. More ZFC inequalities between cardinal invariants with Daniel Soukup, submitted.

  12. Ideals of Independence with D.Montoya, submitted.

  13. Definable Towers with J. Schilhan, submitted.

  14. From creature forcing to boolean ultrapowers I.M.N. 236, 1-11, 2017.

  15. Coherent systems of finite support iterations with S.D.Friedman, D. A. Mejia, D. Montoya, accepted at the Journal of Symbolic Logic.

  16. A co-analytic Cohen indestructible maximal cofinitary group with D. Schrittesser and A. Törnquist, Journal of Symbolic Logic 82 (2), 629-247, 2017.

  17. Generalized characteristics in a small $\mathfrak{u}(\kappa)$ model with A. Brooke-Taylor, S. D. Friedman, D. Montoya, accepted at APAL; (

  18. Splitting, bounding and almost disjointness can be quite different. with D. Mejia, accepted at the Canadian Journal of Mathematics; (

  19. Definable maximal cofinitary groups. with S.D. Friedman and A. Toernquist, submitted.

  20. Maximal cofinitary groups revisited, Math. Log. Quart. 61 (2015), 367 - 379.

  21. Measure, category and projective wellorders, with S.D. Friedman and Y. Khomskii, Journal of Logic and Analysis 6:8 (2014), 1-25.

  22. Template iterations and maximal cofinitary groups with A. Törnquist, Fundamenta Mathematicae 230 (3):205-236, 2015.

  23. Cichon's diagram, regularity properties and $\Delta^1_3$ sets of reals, with S. D. Friedman and Y. Khomskii, Archive for Mathematical Logic, 53:5-6, 2014, pp 695-729.

  24. Co-analytic mad families and definable wellorders with S.D. Friedman and Y. Khomskii, Archive for Mathematical Logic 52: 7-8 (2013) 809-822.

  25. Cardinal characteristics, projective wellorders and large continuum with S. D. Friedman and L. Zdomskyy, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 164 (2013) 763-770.

  26. Projective maximal families of orthogonal measures with large continuum with S. D. Friedman and A. Törnquist, Journal of Logic and Analysis 4 (2012), 1-15.

  27. Projective wellordrs and mad families with large continuum with S. D. Friedman and L. Zdomskyy, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 162 (2011), pp. 853-862.

  28. Non-dominating ultrafilters with B. Irrgang, Acta Universitatis Carolinae - Mathematica et Physica, vol. 51, 13-17, 2010

  29. Mad families, splitting families and large continuum with J. Brendle, Journal of Symbolic Logic, 76, 1, 198-208, March 2011.

  30. A co-analytic maximal set of orthogonal measures with A. Törnquist, Journal of Symbolic Logic, 75, 4, pp. 1403 - 1414.

  31. Cardinal characteristics and projective well-orders with S. D. Friedman, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 161 (2010), 916-922.

  32. Further combinatorial properties of Cohen forcing with J. Steprans, RIMS Conference proceedings in "Combinatorial and Descriptive Set Theory", Kyoto, 2008.

  33. The consistency of arbitrarily large spread between the bounding and the splitting numbers doctoral dissertation, under the supervision of Dr. Juris Steprans, York University, March 2008.

  34. The consistency of $\mathfrak{b}=\kappa<\mathfrak{s}=\kappa^+$ with J. Steprans, Fundamenta Mathematicae, Volume 201, No. 3, 2008.

  35. Open covers and symmetric operators with S. Watson, Topology Proceedings, Volume 27, No. 2, 2003.

  36. Symmetric complex Banach manifolds and Hermitian Jordan triple systems - diplomarbeit (M.Sc. thesis), under the supervision of Dr. Wilhelm Kaup, University of Tübingen, March 2001.

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