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About me

I am a mathematician currently working as a senior postdoc and leader of the FWF project M3037 at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Vienna. Recently I was on a hiatus in Germany, before that I was working as a postdoctoral research fellow at the National University of Singapore, hosted by Dilip Raghavan. Up to August 2019 I worked under the supervision of Vera Fischer at the Kurt Gödel Research Centre of the University of Vienna. I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Vienna University of Technology hosted by Martin Goldstern, at the Ben-Gurion-University of the Negev hosted by Menachem Kojman and at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, hosted by Saharon Shelah.

Research interests

I am interested in various kinds of mathematical research, but mostly set-theory. There I am interested in cardinal characteristics of the continuum(03E17) and the theory of iterated forcing(03E35, 03E40). I am also interested in Ramsey-like results(03E02, 03E05, 05D10) and the relation of Bounded forcing axioms to the continuum problem(03E50, 03E65). I recently got interested in the Axiom of Determinacy(03E60). For quite some time now, I want to learn Nevanlinna theory(30D35).


My diploma thesis, written at the University of Münster under the supervision of Ralf Schindler you can find here and my dissertation, written at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn in Germany under the advice of Stefan Geschke there.


I talked about the Bounded Axiom A Forcing Axiom in August 2008 at the RIMS set theory workshop in Kyoto and in February 2009 at the Winterschool in Hejnice.

I talked about connections between transfinite ordinal partition relations and coloured finite oriented graphs in July 2011 at the conference on infinite and finite sets in honor of András Hajnal's 80th birthday in Budapest and in January 2012 at the Winterschool in Hejnice.

In 2013 I was invited to speak at the twentieth BEST conference in Las Vegas. I gave a talk on Partition Relations in Non-Choice-Contexts and updated versions of the talk in January 2014 at the Winterschool in Hejnice and in August 2014 at the second SetTop conference in Novi Sad and a last time in June 2016 at the third SetTop conference in Fruška Gora.

In January 2017 I talked about Partition Relations for Generalised Scattered orderings at the Winterschool in Hejnice.

I was invited to give a talk at the tenth installment of the Young Set Theory Workshop which took place in July 2017 in Edinburgh. Then and there I gave a talk on the interactions between Cardinal Characteristics of the Continuum and Partition Relations.

I was honoured to be invited to give a talk at the conference in honour of Professor Lev Bukovský's eightieth birthday in September 2019.

Protoprints, Preprints & Publications
Nobody The Bounded Axiom A Forcing Axiom MLQ 6/2010 dvi pdf ps
Nobody Idiosynchromatic Poetry Combinatorica 6/2014 dvi pdf ps
Nobody A coloured postprint version of the article above Combinatorica 6/2014 dvi pdf ps
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An Encyclopædic Diagram dvi pdf ps
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