2008 seminar talk: Lower Bounds for consistency of  two substructure properties at aleph_omega

Talk held by Philip Welch (University of Bristol) at the KGRC seminar on 2008-11-13.


We consider algebras A on aleph_omega, and look at possible mutual stationarity properties they may enjoy. ("Mutual stationarity" is a concept introduced by Foreman and Magidor in their discussion of the, generally, non-saturatedness of the non-stationary ideal.) We look to see whether a sequence of sets S_n each stationary below aleph_n+1 can be "simultaneously stationary" as a sequence for all algebras A.

A second (but simpler for us) problem concerns a property and question of Pereira related to free subsets, internally approachable models, and the PCF conjecture.

Covering Lemma arguments using inner models provide lower bounds for both properties.

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