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ESI workshop on
large cardinals and descriptive set theory

Vienna, June 14 – 27 2009

Program Committee: S. Friedman (Universität Wien, Austria)
M. Goldstern (TU Wien, Austria)
R. Jensen ( Humboldt-Universität, Germany)
A. Kechris (Caltech, USA)
W.H. Woodin (UC Berkeley, USA)

Processing of reimbursement for ESI 2009

If you have been offered financial support to visit the ESI workhop, you can find your contact point on this website.

Depending on the source, you should contact the following persons:

ESI per diems

The so called ESI per diems are distributed directly by Ms Mag. Isabella Miedl, the Administrative Director of ESI, during the following hours: Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 17:00 (i.e., 10am-5pm).

KGRC funding (Sy's FWF grant, Jakob's EU grant)

Please visit me, Jakob Kellner, in my office (room 96) in the KGRC during the following times (no appointment necessary): If you absolutely cannot come during those times, please contact me via email to make an appointment.

Most people who receive KGRC reimbursement will have to sign a FIN/K2 form (and fill in their address, date of birth and citizenship. Not required: social security number). If you want to know what you will have to sign, you can have a look at this form here (English translation here. Do not print out the form and bring it with you, I already prepared all the forms at my office.)

WTZ/OeAD/Aktion (bilateral grants with cz and pl)

Please contact Ajdin Halilovic and make an appointment via email.

Other sources

Neither the ESI nor the KGRC can give you any information on the several other sources of funding that have been offerd to some participants, such as ASL travel awards or ESF/Inftynet travel grants. Please contact the according funding agencies directly.