2020 seminar talk: On logics that make a bridge from the Discrete to the Continuous

Talk held by Mirna Džamonja (CNRS & Panthéon Sorbonne, Paris, France and Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague) at the KGRC seminar on 2020-12-03.


The talk starts with a surveys of some recent connections between logic and discrete mathematics. Then we discuss logics which model the passage between an infinite sequence of finite models to an uncountable limiting object, such as is the case in the context of graphons. Of particular interest is the connection between the countable and the uncountable object that one obtains as the union versus the combinatorial limit of the same sequence. We compare such logics and discuss some consequences of such comparisons, as well as some hopes for further results in this research project.

The slides for this talk are available.

Time and Place

Talk at 3:00pm via Zoom

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