Assoz.-Professor Vera Fischer, Privatdoz., PhD.
Email: vera.fischer at
Phone: +43 1 4277 50520

Office hour (during the semester): Thursdays 13:15-14:15.

I am an editor at the Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society and the Journal of Symbolic Logic. Paper submission is welcome!

My M. Sc. degree is in the area of complex analysis from University of Tübingen, Germany, my Ph.D. degree is in mathematical logic, and more specifically set theory, from York University, Canada and my habilitation is from University of Vienna. I was awarded the medal of the Austrian Mathematical Society, the START Prize of FWF for my project "Infinite combinatorics and definability" and the Excellence of Teaching Award of York University.

Research Interests: Logic, Set Theory.



I serve as a board member of the European Set Theory Society and the Austrian Mathematical Society.