Financial support

Did we offer you financial support? If yes, this page explains how it is going to work.

Per diems and hotel reservation

We pay a fixed amount of 70 EUR per night (inappropriately called per diems), for six nights (or, if your stay is shorter, then for the number of actual nights). So this amount does not depend on the hotel you choose.
Payment method
The per diems will be transferred to your bank account after the visit. If you have strong preference to receive cash instead, you can pick up cash (in person) form the Bursar's office, see below.
Choice of hotel, reservation, cancellation
Please consult the accommodation page.
Hotel payment
You will have to pay the hotel yourself (the per diems are independent of the hotel).
We do not need hotel receipt (neither originals nor copies).


In some exceptional cases we have offered to cover part of your travel costs. University regulations requires us to collect the following:

How reimbursement will be organized

Reimbursement form


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