Arrival: Sunday July 7, 2013. Departure: Saturday July 13, 2013. Conference: Monday–Friday
Social Events (more information here)
Tuesday recital; Wednesday factory visit and gala dinner; Friday excursions, fishing and dinner.

Here is the list of talks (including abstracts and slides, when available):


2:00 pm— Registration —
6:00 pm 


9:00 am— Hi from Sy —
9:10 amBob Coecke:
   Math, physics, language and music. slides
9:40 am 
9:50 amJohn Baldwin:
   Categoricity and Completeness: Formalization without Foundationalism. slides
10:20 am— Coffee Break —
10:50 amVictor Selivanov:
   Descriptive Set Theory and Computation Theory. slides
11:20 am 
11:30 amWilfried Greiner:
   Two Romans meet ...
12:00 pm— Lunch Break (until 2:15 pm) —
1:30 pmReimbursement desk open (untill 2:00 pm) —
2:15 pmLuca Motto Ros:
   On the Invariant Universality Property. slides
2:45 pm 
2:55 pmClinton Conley:
   Local complexity among treeable equivalence relations, part 1. abstract
3:25 pm— Fancy Break: Cake and Sekt! —
4:10 pmMenachem Magidor:
   When Physics meets Set Theory.
4:40 pm 
4:50 pmTatiana Arrigoni:
   The Hyperuniverse Program from a philosophical point of view. abstract
5:20 pm 
5:30 pmAli Enayat:
   Mathematics meets Poetry: Omar Khayyam. abstract
6:00 pm 


9:00 amAsger Törnquist:
   Analytic eventually different families of functions are not maximal. abstract slides
9:30 am 
9:40 amVladimir Kanovei:
   Surreal numbers from the point of view of nonstandard analysis. abstract slides
10:10 am— Coffee Break —
10:40 amAndre Nies:
   Metric Spaces and Computability Theory. abstract slides
11:10 am 
11:20 amJörg Flum: Some remarks on a 60-year old model-theoretic method. abstract slides
11:50 am— Lunch Break —
11:50 amReimbursement desk open; 12:30: Trip to bursar's office —
2:00 pmChitat Chong:
   The Minimal alpha-degree revisited.
2:30 pm 
2:40 pmMasahiko Sato:
   Viewing $\lambda$-terms through Maps. slides
3:10 pm 
3:20 pmSam Sanders:
   Infinitesimals and Computability: A marriage made in Platonic Heaven. slides
3:50 pm 
5:00 pmMusical Evening!


9:00 amJulia Knight:
   Strongly minimal theories with computable models. abstract slides
9:30 am 
9:40 amArnold Beckmann:
   Parity Games and Resolution. abstract slides
10:10 am— Coffee Break —
10:40 amJörg Brendle:
   Maximality and definability. abstract
11:10 am 
11:20 amIlene Friedman and Greg Gregory:
   Sarasota, Florida. videos
11:50 am— Lunch Break —
3:30 pmAugarten Tour!
5:00 pmDrinks and Banquet!


9:00 amTetsuo Ida:
   Graphs for Computational Origami - formalism and algorithms. abstract computable documents 1 2 (cdf player)
9:30 am 
9:40 amAndreas Weiermann:
   How is it that Infinitary Methods can be applied to Finitary Mathematics?
10:10 am— Coffee Break —
10:40 amAjdin Halilovic:
   The other side of the Tree Property. slides
11:10 am 
11:20 amDilip Raghavan:
   Combinatorial dichotomies and cardinal invariants. abstract
11:50 am— Lunch Break—
2:00 pmValentina Harizanov:
   Effective Categoricity of Injection Structures. abstract slides
2:30 pm 
2:40 pmMohammad Golshani:
   Violating GCH everywhere by a cofinality-preserving forcing. abstract presentation (ppt viewer)
3:10 pm— Coffee Break —
3:40 pmMiguel Mota:
   More applications of the method of "rigid iterations with side conditions". abstract
4:10 pm 
4:20 pmRussell Miller:
   Local Computability and the ordinal $\omega_1^{ck}\times\omega$. abstract slides
4:50 pm 
5:00 pmLev Beklemishev:
   Positive provability logic. abstract
5:30 pm 

FRIDAY July 12

9:00 amSam Buss:
   On Clause Learning Algorithms for Satisfiability. abstract slides
9:30 am 
9:40 amGunnar Wilken:
   A short introduction to Patterns of Resemblance. abstract
10:10 am— Coffee Break —
10:40 amNatasha Dobrinen:
   Sliders. abstract slides
11:10 am 
11:20 amBen Miller:
   Local complexity among treeable equivalence relations, part 2. abstract
11:50 am 
12:00 pmOlga Krok and Petri Enges:
   Fishing in Finland. video
12:30 pm— Lunch Break —
2:20 pmFishing! (meet at the KGRC, leave there at 14:20)

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