Cloud Computing: Reducing Energy Consumption while Improving Bioinformatics?

Talk held by Ivona Brandic (Distributed Systems Group, Information Systems Institute, TU Wien, Austria) at the KGRC Friday seminar on 2012‑11‑30.


With the rapid development of high-throughput technologies in recent years, huge amounts of data are being generated and stored in databases in the field of life science, which necessitates significant advances in computing capacity and performance. An example of such technologies is the high-throughput sequencing of the transcriptome (RNASeq), which has the potential to transform how gene structure and gene expression profiling are studied. Scientific workflow applications are crucial in enabling scientists to determine important information from those huge amounts of stored data.

Cloud computing represents a revolutionary approach for implementing energy efficient, cost efficient, and scalable ICT systems. Thereby, emerging virtualization technologies facilitate delivery of computational resources as services over networks. In this talk we discuss how the application of Cloud computing technologies can support the work of scientists working in the field of high-throughput sequencing, while at the same time optimizing utilization of resource and increasing energy efficiency.

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