Courses Summer Semester 2012

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Place: All courses other than Basic concepts of mathematical logic VO and UE and Model theory will be given in the KGRC lecture room (room 101).

Information on this page is tentative and subject to change!

See also the course catalogue of the University of Vienna for the 3 mathematics programmes:

NumberTypeHours (ECTS)TitleModuleLecturerTimeLanguage
250081VO2 (3.0)Basic concepts of mathematical logicMLOHans AdlerTuesday 16:15-17:45
(Hörsaal 2, UZA 2)
250082UE1 (2.0)Tutorials "Basic concepts of mathematical logic"MLOMoritz MüllerMonday 17:00-18:00
(Hörsaal 3, UZA2)
250089VO2 (3.0)Model theoryMLOVHans AdlerMonday 11:15-12:45
(2A180, UZA2)
German (English on demand)
250083VO3 (5.0)Introduction to theoretical computer scienceMLOIMoritz MüllerTuesday 15:15-17:45English
250084VO3 (5.0)Axiomatic set theory 1MLOMLyubomyr ZdomskyyTuesday 12:20-13:50
Wednesday 13:00-13:45
250085PS2 (3.0))Introductory seminar: "Axiomatic set theory 1"MLOMStefan HoffelnerFriday 8:15-9:45 
250087VO2 (3.0)Selected Topics in Set TheoryMLOVSy-David FriedmanTue, Thu 14:00-15:00
starts 2012-03-01
250086PJ+SE2 (4.0)Project seminar (Mathematical logic)MLOSSy-David FriedmanMon, Wed 14:00-15:00
starts 2012-03-05
250088PJ+SE2 (4.0)Research SeminarMLOVSy-David FriedmanThu 16:00-17:30
starts 2012-03-01

Course details

Selected Topics in Set Theory

Time: Tuesday, Thursday 14:00-15:00
starts 2012-03-01

This course will serve as an introduction to Woodin's theory of $P_{max}$, as presented in Paul Larson's article in the Handbook of Set Theory.

Project seminar (Mathematical logic)

Time: Monday, Wednesday 14:00-15:00
starts 2012-03-05

In this Seminar, students give talks about advanced topics in mathematical Logic. This seminar is intended mainly for students writing their diploma, master or PhD thesis at the KGRC.

Research Seminar

Time: Thursday 16:00-17:30
starts 2012-03-01

This is an advanced seminar in mathematical logic for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.


MLOL - Mathematische Logik (mathematical logic)

MLOM - Axiomatische Mengenlehre (axiomatic set theory)

MLOI - Theoretische Informatik (theoretical computer science)

MLOS - Seminare: Mathematische Logik und theoretische Informatik (seminars in mathematical logic and theoretical computer science)

MLOV - Vertiefungslehrveranstaltungen für den Studienschwerpunkt "Mathematische Logik und theoretische Informatik" (courses elaborating on mathematical logic and theoretical computer science as an area of study)

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