Program FLC Workshop (week 3)

First Day:
Monday September 23, 2013
Last Day:
Friday September 27, 2013
Social program:
Wednesday September 25: Lunch, preceded by a 30-minute walk in the afternoon.

You can also download the following program as pdf file.

MONDAY September 23

09:00— Opening and Registration —
09:30David Chodounsky:
   A report on the Katowice problem.
10:20— Coffee Break —
11:00Peter Holy:
   Locally $\Sigma_1$-definable Wellorders of $H(\kappa^+)$. abstract
11:50— Lunch Break —
Arthur Apter: The Tall and Measurable Cardinals can Coincide on a Proper Class.
14:30— Coffee Break —
15:30Piotr Borodulin-Nadzieja:
   Geometry of analytic P-ideals. abstract
16:15Dima Sinapova:
   Very good scales, squares, and SCH.

TUESDAY September 24

09:30Heike Mildenberger:
   Finitely Many Near-Coherence Classes of Ultrafilters. abstract
10:20— Coffee Break —
11:00Spencer Unger:
   Aronszajn trees and the successors of a singular cardinal.
11:50— Lunch Break —
14:00James Cummings:
   Forcing and the combinatorics of successors of singulars.
14:30— Coffee Break —
15:30Piotr Koszmider:
   The Banach space $C(N^*)$ in the Cohen model. abstract
16:15Hiroshi Sakai:
   Separation of $MA^+(\sigma\text{-closed})$ from reflection principles.

WEDNESDAY September 25

09:30Ralf Schindler:
   Does $\Pi^1_1$ determinacy yield $0^\#$?. abstract
10:20— Coffee Break —
11:00Matteo Viale:
   Category forcings, $MM^{+++}$ and the generic absoluteness of the theory of the Chang model $L(Ord^{\omega_1})$.
12:30— Departure for Social Program (Lunch) from Sensengasse 2a —

THURSDAY September 26

09:30Philipp Lücke:
   Continuous Images of Closed Sets in Generalized Baire Spaces.
10:20— Coffee Break —
11:00Assaf Rinot:
   Hedetniemi's conjecture for uncountable graphs. abstract
11:50— Lunch Break —
14:00Mohammad Golshani:
   Adding a lot of Cohen reals by adding a few..
14:30— Coffee Break —
15:30Menachem Kojman:
   Perfect graph coloring.
16:15Grigor Sargsyan:
   On the strength of the unique branch hypothesis (UBH). abstract

FRIDAY September 27

09:00Daisuke Ikegami:
   Inner models from logics and the generic multiverse. abstract
09:50— Coffee Break —
10:40Mirna Dzamonja:
   Constructions from one Cohen real.
11:30Diego Mejia:
   Rothberger gaps in $F_\sigma$ ideals. abstract
12:00— Lunch break —
13:30No talks scheduled in the afternoon to give time for discussions and collaboration at ESI.
Coffee break at 14:30.

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