2019 seminar talk: The equality $\mathfrak{p}=\mathfrak{t}$ and the generalized characteristics

Talk held by Diana Carolina Montoya (KGRC) at the KGRC seminar on 2019-04-04.


Marriallis and Shelah solved in the positive the longstanding problem of whether the two cardinal invariants $\mathfrak{p}$ (the pseudointersection number) and $\mathfrak{t}$ (the tower number) are equal. In this talk, I will review some essential points in their proof in order to motivate the study of the analogous question for the generalized characteristics $\mathfrak{p}(\kappa)$ and $\mathfrak{t}(\kappa)$. I will present some results of Garti regarding this generalization and finally some recent progress (joint work with Fischer, Schilhan, and Soukup) towards answering this question.

Time and Place

Tea at 3:30pm in the KGRC meeting room

Talk at 4:00pm in the KGRC lecture room

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