2006: Seminar talks

Current year (sorted backwards)
2006‑01‑26Martin Goldstern
(TU Wien)
Shelah's preservation theorems in RCS iterations
2006‑03‑02Sy Friedman
The Inner Model Hypothesis
2006‑03‑09Sebastiaan Terwijn
(TU Wien)
Randomness and relativization
2006‑03‑16Otmar Spinas
(Kiel University)
Perfect Set Theorems
2006‑03‑23John Krueger
Internal Approachability and Reflection
2006‑03‑30Martin Goldstern
(TU Wien)
All creatures great and small
2006‑04‑06Sy D. Friedman
Forcing Condensation
2006‑05‑04Meeri Kesälä
(University of Helsinki)
Finitary Abstract Elementary Classes
2006‑05‑11John Krueger
Some Consistency Results Related to Approachability
2006‑06‑01James Cummings
(Carnegie Mellon University)
Rainbow Ramsey Theory
2006‑06‑08James Cummings
(Carnegie Mellon University)
Rainbow Ramsey Theory Continued
2006‑06‑22Sy D. Friedman
Square on the singular cardinals
2006‑10‑12Sy D. Friedman
Measure-one covering relative to HOD
2006‑10‑19Katie Thompson
Global complexity and internal consistency
2006‑11‑09Richard Kaye
(University of Birmingham)
Nonstandard symmetric groups
2006‑11‑16Natasha Dobrinen
Internal consistency and co-stationarity of the ground model
2006‑11‑23Pavel Ondrejovic
Internal consistency and Easton's Theorem
2006‑11‑30Heike Mildenberger
The Filter Dichotomy Principle and the Near Coherence of Filters Principle
2006‑12‑07Andrew Brooke-Taylor
Large cardinals and definable well-orders
2006‑12‑14Jakob Kellner
(KGRC, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Precipitous ideals and related games

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