2001: Seminar talks

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2001‑01‑22Martin Goldstern
(TU Wien)
Gödel Logics, Scattered Orders and BQO's
2001‑03‑13David Aspero
Bounded Martin's Maximum
2001‑03‑20David Aspero
The Bounded Martin's Maximum and $\psi_{AC}$(2)
2001‑03‑27Ralf Schindler
Absorbing iterations of the universe
2001‑04‑02Sy Friedman
Genericity and Large Cardinals
2001‑04‑24Dorshka Wylie
(City University of New York)
Fragments in a Lower Core Model
2001‑05‑08Sy Friedman
Genericity and Large Cardinals, Part 2
2001‑05‑15Heike Mildenberger
Forcing with trees of creatures (1)
2001‑05‑22Heike Mildenberger
Forcing with trees of creatures (2)
2001‑06‑12Ralf Schindler
K^c without large cardinals in V
2001‑06‑19Ralf Schindler
P not= NP for infinite time Turing machines.
2001‑06‑27Philip D. Welch
Higher type recursion in Infinite Time Turing Machines
2001‑08‑25Ralf Schindler
Bounded Forcing Axioms and Sets of Reals
2001‑10‑18Rene Schipperus
The Topological Baumgartner-Hajnal Theorem
2001‑11‑15Philip Welch
More on BMM and related reflection properties
2001‑11‑22David Aspero
More on a convenient property for $[\gamma]^{\aleph_0}$
2001‑11‑29Heike Mildenberger
Canonization Theorems
2001‑12‑13Arnold Beckmann
(TU Wien, Uni Münster)
Some words on well-foundedness principles over definable sets

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