2011: Seminar talks

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2011‑01‑20Clinton Conley
Measurable colorings of graphs, II
2011‑01‑27Achim Blumensath
(TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany)
The Monadic Second-Order Transduction Hierarchy
2011‑03‑03Sy-David Friedman
Absoluteness and Model Existence for Infinitary Logic
2011‑03‑10Radek Honzik
(Charles University, Prague)
The Definable Failure of the Singular Cardinal Hypothesis (SCH)
2011‑03‑17Victor Torres
Rado's Conjecture and the Tree Property for ω2
2011‑03‑31Juris Steprāns
(York University, Canada)
Reflecting non-meagreness
2011‑04‑07Shashi Srivastava
(Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata)
Selection Theorems, Transition Probabilities and Stochastic Kripke models
2011‑04‑14Victor Torres
Conjectures of Rado and Chang and Special $\aleph_2$-Aronszajn trees
2011‑05‑04Yi Zhang
(Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China)
Maximal Cofinitary Groups
2011‑05‑19Mariya Soskova
(Sofia University, Bulgaria)
Definability in the enumeration degrees
2011‑05‑26Asger Törnquist
The cardinality of maximal cofinitary groups
2011‑06‑16Martin Goldstern
(TU Wien, Austria)
Ultralaver forcing and Janus forcing
2011‑06‑22Taras Banakh
(Lviv State University, Ukraine)
Topologically invariant \sigma-ideals on Polish spaces
2011‑06‑30Arthur Fischer
On a method of Todorcevic
2011‑07‑05CT Chong
(National University of Singapore)
$\Pi^1_1$ conservation of combinatorial principles weaker than Ramsey's Theorem for pairs
2011‑09‑14Boaz Tsaban
(Bar-Ilan University, Israel)
The character of topological groups, via Pontryagin-van Kampen duality and pcf theory
2011‑09‑19Jörg Brendle
(Kobe University, Japan)
aleph_1 perfect mad families
2011‑10‑06Martin Koerwien
Non-absoluteness of model existence for infinitary logic
2011‑10‑13Vera Fischer
Cardinal Characteristics, Projective Wellorders and Large Continuum
2011‑10‑20Martin Koerwien
Non-absoluteness of model existence for infinitary logic, Part 2
2011‑10‑27Moritz Müller
Positive Horn definability in \aleph_0-categorical structures
2011‑11‑03Joel Hamkins
(City University of New York, USA)
Generalizations of the Kunen inconsistency
2011‑11‑10Jakob Kellner
The joy of halving
2011‑11‑17Victor Torres Perez
Weak Reflection Principle, Saturation of the ideal NS and Diamonds in two cardinal version
2011‑11‑24Valentina Harizanov
(George Washington University, Washington, D.C., USA)
Computably enumerable and co-computably enumerable equivalence structures
2011‑12‑01Sy-David Friedman
The Essence of V
2011‑12‑15Tatiana Arrigoni
The Hyperuniverse Program. An overview.

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