2008: Seminar talks

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2008‑01‑10Jörg Brendle
Malyhin's Problem
2008‑01‑31Meeri Kesälä
Finitary abstract elementary classes
2008‑03‑06Sy-David Friedman
Some natural equivalence relations in the Solovay model
2008‑03‑13Bernhard Irrgang
(Universität Bonn)
A remark on a theorem by Hajnal and Juhasz
2008‑04‑03Sebastiaan Terwijn
Reductions by computable functionals
2008‑04‑10Heike Mildenberger
Combinatorics related to the P-ideal dichotomy
2008‑04‑17Luca Motto Ros
Good Borel reducibilities for sets of reals
2008‑04‑24Menachem Magidor
(Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
Skolem-Löwenheim Cardinals for Generalised Logics
2008‑05‑08Ernest Schimmerling
(Carnegie-Mellon University)
Some open questions about L
2008‑05‑15Juliette Kennedy
(University of Helsinki)
Square Principles and Model Theory
2008‑05‑29Martin Koerwien
(University of Illinois at Chicago)
Omega-stability, Borel reducibility and Scott height
2008‑06‑05Sy-David Friedman
The number of normal measures
2008‑06‑12Meeri Kesälä
Finitary AEC and infinitary languages
2008‑06‑19James Cummings
(Carnegie Mellon University)
Strong reflection
2008‑06‑26Alessandro Andretta
Definable cardianalities of boldface pointclasses
2008‑10‑02Sy-David Friedman
Internal Consistency
2008‑10‑09Vera Fischer
The consistency b = kappa ^lt; s = kappa^+
2008‑10‑16Ekaterina Fokina
Computable uncountably categorical structures
2008‑10‑23Asger Törnquist
Automorphisms of S_infty/fin
2008‑11‑06Lyubomyr Zdomskyy
Measurable cardinals and the Cofinality of the Symmetric Group
2008‑11‑13Philip Welch
(University of Bristol)
Lower Bounds for consistency of  two substructure properties at aleph_omega
2008‑11‑20Antonín Kučera
(Charles University, Prague)
Algorithmic randomness (thick Π01 classes)
2008‑11‑27Vera Fischer
Further combinatorial properties of Cohen forcing
2008‑12‑04Luca Motto Ros
Analytic Equivalence Relations and Bi-Embeddability
2008‑12‑11Asger Törnquist
Automorphisms of S_infty/fin, part II
2008‑12‑17Grzegorz Plebanek
(University of Wroclaw)
On Boolean algebras and C(K) spaces
2008‑12‑18Mirna Dzamonja
(University of East Anglia)
The confluence between model theory and set theory in Banach spaces

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