2012: Seminar talks

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2012‑01‑12Howard Becker
(Universität Münster, Germany)
Isomorphism of Computable Structures and Vaught's Conjecture
2012‑01‑19André Nies
(University of Auckland, New Zealand)
Borel structures and Borel theories
2012‑03‑01Michael Pinsker
(Paris 7, France, TU Wien, Austria, and Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
Reducts of the random partial order
2012‑03‑08Yurii Khomskii
Regularity Idealized
2012‑03‑15Giorgio Laguzzi
Separation of regularity properties
2012‑03‑22Moritz Müller
Refutation complexity of relativized spectra
2012‑03‑29Sy-David Friedman
The complexity of isomorphism
2012‑04‑19Martin Bays
(McMaster University, Ontario, Canada)
Abelian integrals and categoricity
2012‑04‑26Diego Alejandro Mejía Guzmán
(Universidad Nacional de Colombia)
Matrix iterations and Cichon's diagram
2012‑05‑03Hubie Chen
(Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain)
Meditations on Quantified Constraint Satisfaction
2012‑05‑10Alexander Osipov
(Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
Set-open topology on the space of continuous functions
2012‑05‑16André Nies
(University of Auckland, New Zealand)
Complexity of equivalence relations
2012‑05‑24Jindrich Zapletal
(U of Florida, USA and Czech Academy of Sciences)
Canonical Ramsey Theory on Polish Spaces
2012‑05‑31Misha Gavrilovich
Shelah's revised power function as a homotopy invariant
2012‑06‑14Miguel Angel Mota
A spectral approach to reflection principles
2012‑06‑28Andrey Morozov
(Novosibirsk State University, Russia)
On Sigma-definability of structures over the reals
2012‑07‑04Frank Tall
(University of Toronto, Canada)
Topological problems for set theorists, II
2012‑07‑05Antonio Montalbán
(University of Chicago, USA)
A computability-theoretic equivalent of Vaught's Conjecture
2012‑07‑10Russell Miller
(Queens College, City College of New York, USA)
Finitary reducibility on equivalence relations
2012‑07‑11Julia Knight
(University of Notre Dame, USA)
An example illustrating a theorem of Gregory
2012‑10‑04Vadim Kulikov
Analyzing the Complexity of Wild Knot Equivalence
2012‑10‑11Dan Turetsky
Racing Pawns, Internal Hyperarithmetic Comprehension, and the Law of the Excluded Middle
2012‑10‑18Asger Törnquist
(University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
The Poulsen simplex as a Fraisse limit
2012‑10‑18Laura Fontanella
Large Properties at Small Cardinals
2012‑11‑08Shuguo Zhang
(Sichuan University, People's Republic of China)
Relations between the I-ultrafilters
2012‑11‑15Matthias Schröder
Computable Analysis and Topology
2012‑11‑22Martin Goldstern
(TU Wien, Austria)
Cardinal characteristics in Cichon's diagram
2012‑11‑29Peter Telec
The history of logic at the University of Vienna
2012‑12‑06Dan Turetsky
Computable Categoricity
2012‑12‑13Sam Sanders
(Ghent University, Belgium and MCMP München, Germany)
Reuniting the antipodes: bringing together Nonstandard Analysis and Constructive Analysis
2012‑12‑20Leandro F. Aurichi
(ICMC-USP, University of São Paulo, Brazil)
Some selective versions of separability-like properties

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