2002: Seminar talks

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2002‑01‑10Ralf Schindler
A combinatorial proof of \Sigma^1_3 correctness of K
2002‑01‑17Ralf Schindler
Sharps, pistols, and the \Sigma^1_3 correctness of K
2002‑03‑07James Hirschorn
Forcing with measure algebras
2002‑03‑14David Aspero
Martin's Maximum and the nonstationary ideal over \omega_1
2002‑03‑21Vladimir Kanovei
(Moscow Center for continuous mathematical education)
Borel and countably determined reducibility in nonstandard domain
2002‑04‑08Jakob Kellner
Preserving non-null with transitive nep forcings 2
2002‑04‑18Ralf Schindler
Cardinal arithmetic and projective determinacy
2002‑04‑25James Hirschorn
Random gaps
2002‑05‑02David Aspero
Todorcevic's theorem that BMM implies c=\aleph_2
2002‑05‑16Martin Goldstern
(TU Wien)
RCS iteration according to Donder/Fuchs
2002‑06‑06Martin Goldstern
(TU Wien)
Antichains in Products of Linear Orders
2002‑06‑13Ralf Schindler
Homogeneously Souslin sets in inner models of set theory
2002‑10‑03David Aspero
Remarks on club-guessing sequences and on canonical functions
2002‑10‑10Sy Friedman
Projective Singletons
2002‑10‑17Sy Friedman
Projective Singletons (part 2)
2002‑10‑24Sy Friedman
Projective Singletons, Conclusion
2002‑11‑07Martin Goldstern
(TU Wien)
Clones from creatures
2002‑11‑14Heike Mildenberger
New canonization theorems and dense free subsets
2002‑11‑21Ralf Schindler
Mouse Operators
2002‑11‑28Ralf Schindler
Mouse Operators, 2
2002‑12‑05Ralf Schindler
Mouse Operators, 3
2002‑12‑12Sy Friedman
Sigma-1-3 Generic Absoluteness

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