2018: Seminar talks

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2018‑01‑11David Schrittesser
On the Complexity of Maximal Cofinitary GroupsDavid Schrittesser
2018‑01‑18Philipp Schlicht
(Universität Bonn, Germany)
Combinatorial variants of Lebesgue's density theoremPhilipp Schlicht
2018‑03‑08Šárka Stejskalová
The tree property and the continuum functionŠárka Stejskalová
2018‑03‑15Thilo Weinert
Cardinal Characteristics and Partition PropertiesThilo Weinert
2018‑03‑22Monroe Eskew
Local saturation of the nonstationary idealsMonroe Eskew
2018‑04‑12Victoria Gitman
(Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY), USA)
Virtual large cardinal principlesVictoria Gitman
2018‑04‑19Diana Carolina Montoya Amaya
On some ideals associated with independent familiesDiana Carolina Montoya Amaya
2018‑04‑26Filippo Calderoni
(Università di Torino, Italy and Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
The bi-embeddability relation for countable abelian groupsFilippo Calderoni
2018‑05‑03Vincenzo Dimonte
(University of Udine, Italy)
The sensitive issue of iterabilityVincenzo Dimonte
2018‑05‑17Yair Hayut
(Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
Stationary reflection at $\aleph_{\omega+1}$Yair Hayut
2018‑05‑24Borisha Kuzeljevic
(Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague)
P-ideal dichotomy and some versions of the Souslin HypothesisBorisha Kuzeljevic
2018‑06‑07Andrea Medini
Homogeneous spaces and Wadge theoryAndrea Medini
2018‑06‑14Zoltán Vidnyánszky
Borel chromatic numbers: basis and antibasis resultsZoltán Vidnyánszky
2018‑10‑04David Fernández-Bretón
Finiteness classes arising from Ramsey-theoretic statements in set theory without choiceDavid Fernández-Bretón
2018‑10‑09Gerhard Jäger
(Universität Bern, Switzerland)
From fixed points in weak set theories to some open problemsGerhard Jäger
2018‑10‑11David Chodounský
(Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)
Silver forcing and P-pointsDavid Chodounský
2018‑10‑18Monroe Eskew
Rigid idealsMonroe Eskew
2018‑10‑22David Asperó
(University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK)
Special $\aleph_2$-Aronszajn trees and GCHDavid Asperó
2018‑10‑25David Schrittesser
The Ramsey property, MAD families, and their multidimensional relativesDavid Schrittesser
2018‑11‑08Thilo Weinert
On Order-Types in Polarised Partition RelationsThilo Weinert
2018‑11‑15Russell Miller
(Queens College, City University of New York (CUNY), USA)
Hilbert's Tenth Problem for Subrings of the Rational NumbersRussell Miller
2018‑11‑22Raphaël Carroy
A dichotomy for topological embeddability between continuous functionsRaphaël Carroy
2018‑11‑29Daniel Soukup
New aspects of ladder system uniformizationDaniel Soukup
2018‑12‑04 (Tuesday!)Stevo Todorcevic
(University of Toronto, Canada)
Ramsey degrees of topological spacesStevo Todorcevic
2018‑12‑13Daniel Soukup
New aspects of ladder system uniformization IIDaniel Soukup

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