2010: Seminar talks

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2010‑01‑07Jakob Kellner
Precipitous ideals
2010‑01‑14Asger Törnquist
Introduction to operators algebras
2010‑01‑21Asger Törnquist
Intro to operator algebras, II
2010‑01‑28Luca Motto Ros
On the complexity of the relations of isomorphism and bi-embeddability
2010‑03‑04Marcin Sabok
Iteration of idealized forcing and infinite-dimensional perfect set theorems
2010‑03‑11Giovanni Panti
Kakutani-von Neumann maps on simplexes
2010‑03‑18Tetsuo Ida
Symbolic and Algebraic Methods in Computational Origami
2010‑03‑18Masahiko Sato
A Constructive Theory of Objects
2010‑03‑25Vincenzo Dimonte
Non-proper Elementary Embeddings Beyond L(Vλ+1)
2010‑04‑15Miguel Angel Mota
Divorces in the PFA family
2010‑04‑22Benjamin Miller
A generalization of Silver's theorem
2010‑04‑29David Aspero
On Π2 maximality and CH
2010‑05‑06Ajdin Halilović
The tree property at the double successor of a singular cardinal
2010‑05‑20Andrew Brooke-Taylor
(Bristol University and the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research)
Fraïssé limits for a kind of "locally finite" Fraïssé class
2010‑05‑27Sy-David Friedman
What Andrew and I talked about last week
2010‑06‑10Lyubomyr Zdomskyy
Projective wellorders and mad families with big continuum
2010‑06‑17Anand Pillay
(University of Leeds)
Measures in first order theories
2010‑06‑24Moti Gitik
(Tel Aviv)
On Precipitous Ideals
2010‑06‑29Denis Saveliev
Groupoids of Ultrafilters
2010‑10‑14Luca Motto Ros
(Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg)
Invariantly universal analytic quasi-orders
2010‑10‑21Iskander Kalimullin
(Kazan State University)
Algorithmic reducibilities of algebraic structures
2010‑10‑28Wu Liuzhen
Set forcing for strong condensation on H(\omega_2)
2010‑11‑04Clinton Conley
Measurable colorings of graphs, I
2010‑11‑11Marcin Sabok
(Instytut Matematyczny Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego, Wrocław, Poland, Instytut Matematyczny Polskiej Akademii Nauk, Warszawa, Poland, and KGRC)
A dichotomy for σ-ideals generated by closed sets
2010‑11‑18Misha Gavrilovich
A homotopy approach to some questions in set theory
2010‑11‑25Peter Holy
Condensation, Large Cardinals and the consistency strength of PFA
2010‑12‑02Miguel Angel Mota
Small proper forcing and the size of the continuum
2010‑12‑09Jindrich Zapletal
(University of Florida, Gainesville and Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague)
Solution to the pinned conjecture
2010‑12‑16Stefan Geschke
(Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, Universität Bonn, Germany)
Basis theorems for continuous colorings

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