2009: Seminar talks

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2009‑01‑08Jindřich Zapletal
(University of Florida and Czech Academy of Sciences)
Quantitative Infinite Ramsey Theorems
2009‑01‑15Hans Adler
(University of Leeds)
Two aspects of stability theory
2009‑01‑22Douglas S. Bridges
(University of Canterbury, New Zealand)
Constructive Reverse Mathematics
2009‑01‑29Katie Thompson
A universality spectrum for graphs without GCH
2009‑03‑05Sergei S. Goncharov
(Novosibirsk State University)
Strongly minimal and categorical theories
2009‑03‑19Hiroaki Minami
Katetov order, cardinal invariants of ideals on omega and Mathias forcing
2009‑03‑26Ekaterina Fokina
Computable categoricity of structures
2009‑04‑02Lyubomyr Zdomskyy
A new upper bound on the cofinality of the infinite symmetric group
2009‑04‑23Prerna Juhlin
Geometric Aspects of Semiminimality
2009‑04‑30Philip Welch
(University of Bristol)
Weak deteminacy, inductive operators and subsystems of analysis
2009‑05‑07Sy-David Friedman
The effective theory of Borel equivalence relations (joint work with Fokina and Törnquist)
2009‑05‑14Riccardo Camerlo
(Politecnico di Torino)
Standard universal dendrites as small Polish structures
2009‑05‑28Alberto Marcone
The complexity of colored linear orders
2009‑07‑28Kentaro Sato
(Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
An Impact of Infinity
2009‑10‑06Victor Selivanov
(Insitute of Informatics Systems, Siberian Division of Russian Academy of Science)
Some reducibilities on k-partitions
2009‑10‑08Pavel Semukhin
(National University of Singapore)
A survey of automatic structures
2009‑10‑15Thomas Johnstone
(KGRC and City Tech, New York)
The Resurrection Axioms
2009‑10‑19Sy-David Friedman
Some remarks about PFA and BPFA
2009‑10‑29Vera Fischer
Cardinal characteristics and projective wellorders
2009‑11‑05Miguel Angel Mota
Forcing anti-diamond principles together with the continuum being large
2009‑11‑12Ekaterina Fokina
Computable categoricity vs. relative computable categoricity
2009‑11‑26Hans Adler
First-order theories without the independence property
2009‑12‑17Sy-David Friedman
Abstract Elementary Classes and Axioms for Set Theory

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