2005: Seminar talks

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2005‑01‑13John Krueger
Supercompact Radin Forcing
2005‑01‑18Martin Goldstern
(TU Wien)
Continuous Fraisse conjecture and the number of Gödel logics
2005‑04‑05Sy-David Friedman
Forcing with finite conditions
2005‑04‑12David Schrittesser
Sigma-1-3 Absoluteness for ccc forcing and lightface indescribable cardinals
2005‑04‑19Andrew Brooke-Taylor
Critical Points of Rank-to-Rank Embeddings
2005‑04‑26Sy Friedman
The inner model hypothesis
2005‑05‑03Andres Caicedo
Preserving sequences of stationary subsets of omega_1
2005‑05‑10Sy Friedman
Inner models and 0#
2005‑05‑24John Krueger
Namba forcing, Chang's Conjecture, and Games
2005‑06‑07Jakob Kellner
(TU Wien)
A construction for non wellfounded forcing iterations
2005‑06‑14John Krueger
Combinatorial Principles Related to Adding Clubs
2005‑06‑21Jakob Kellner
(TU Wien)
A construction for non wellfounded forcing iterations, Part II
2005‑06‑28Andres Caicedo
BPFA and the reals
2005‑10‑06Katie Thompson
Methods for solving universality problems
2005‑10‑13Mirna Dzamonja
(UEA, Norwich)
Measures on Boolean algebras
2005‑10‑20Tomas Jech
(Czech Academy, Prague)
Weak distributivity and a problem of von Neumann
2005‑11‑03Agatha Walczak-Typke
The model theoretic structure of Dedekind-finite sets
2005‑11‑10Heike Mildenberger
Separating some cardinal characteristics by oracle c.c. forcing
2005‑11‑24John Krueger
Strong Reflection Principles
2005‑12‑01Natasha Dobrinen
Co-stationarity of the ground model
2005‑12‑15Andrew Brooke-Taylor
Vopěnka's principle and Category Theory

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