Arrival: Sunday July 7, 2013. Departure: Saturday July 13, 2013. Conference: Monday–Friday
You are welcome to come to the KGRC Sunday afternoon, to get some information (WLAN passwords etc.) and, if you have been offered financial support, fill out or sign your reimbursement form. It is in no way necessary to show up at Sunday afternoon, there is no formal registration procedure.
Social Events (more information here)
Tuesday recital; Wednesday factory visit and gala dinner; Friday excursions, fishing and dinner.


2:00 pm— Registration —
6:00 pm 


9:00 am— Hi from Sy —
9:10 amBob Coecke:
   Math, physics, language and music. slides
9:40 am 
9:50 amJohn Baldwin:
   Categoricity and Completeness: Formalization without Foundationalism. slides
10:20 am— Coffee Break —
10:50 amVictor Selivanov:
   Descriptive Set Theory and Computation Theory. slides
11:20 am 
11:30 amWilfried Greiner:
   Two Romans meet ...
12:00 pm— Lunch Break (until 2:15 pm) —
1:30 pmReimbursement desk open (untill 2:00 pm) —
2:15 pmLuca Motto Ros:
   On the Invariant Universality Property. slides
2:45 pm 
2:55 pmClinton Conley:
   Local complexity among treeable equivalence relations, part 1. abstract
3:25 pm— Fancy Break: Cake and Sekt! —
4:10 pmMenachem Magidor:
   When Physics meets Set Theory.
4:40 pm 
4:50 pmTatiana Arrigoni:
   The Hyperuniverse Program from a philosophical point of view. abstract
5:20 pm 
5:30 pmAli Enayat:
   Mathematics meets Poetry: Omar Khayyam. abstract
6:00 pm 


9:00 amAsger Törnquist:
   Analytic eventually different families of functions are not maximal. abstract slides
9:30 am 
9:40 amVladimir Kanovei:
   Surreal numbers from the point of view of nonstandard analysis. abstract slides
10:10 am— Coffee Break —
10:40 amAndre Nies:
   Metric Spaces and Computability Theory. abstract slides
11:10 am 
11:20 amJörg Flum: Some remarks on a 60-year old model-theoretic method. abstract slides
11:50 am— Lunch Break —
11:50 amReimbursement desk open; 12:30: Trip to bursar's office —
2:00 pmChitat Chong:
   The Minimal alpha-degree revisited.
2:30 pm 
2:40 pmMasahiko Sato:
   Viewing $\lambda$-terms through Maps. slides
3:10 pm 
3:20 pmSam Sanders:
   Infinitesimals and Computability: A marriage made in Platonic Heaven. slides
3:50 pm 
5:00 pmMusical Evening!


9:00 amJulia Knight:
   Strongly minimal theories with computable models. abstract slides
9:30 am 
9:40 amArnold Beckmann:
   Parity Games and Resolution. abstract slides
10:10 am— Coffee Break —
10:40 amJörg Brendle:
   Maximality and definability. abstract
11:10 am 
11:20 amIlene Friedman and Greg Gregory:
   Sarasota, Florida. videos
11:50 am— Lunch Break —
3:30 pmAugarten Tour!
5:00 pmDrinks and Banquet!


9:00 amTetsuo Ida:
   Graphs for Computational Origami - formalism and algorithms. abstract computable documents 1 2 (cdf player)
9:30 am 
9:40 amAndreas Weiermann:
   How is it that Infinitary Methods can be applied to Finitary Mathematics?
10:10 am— Coffee Break —
10:40 amAjdin Halilovic:
   The other side of the Tree Property. slides
11:10 am 
11:20 amDilip Raghavan:
   Combinatorial dichotomies and cardinal invariants. abstract
11:50 am— Lunch Break—
2:00 pmValentina Harizanov:
   Effective Categoricity of Injection Structures. abstract slides
2:30 pm 
2:40 pmMohammad Golshani:
   Violating GCH everywhere by a cofinality-preserving forcing. abstract presentation (ppt viewer)
3:10 pm— Coffee Break —
3:40 pmMiguel Mota:
   More applications of the method of "rigid iterations with side conditions". abstract
4:10 pm 
4:20 pmRussell Miller:
   Local Computability and the ordinal $\omega_1^{ck}\times\omega$. abstract slides
4:50 pm 
5:00 pmLev Beklemishev:
   Positive provability logic. abstract
5:30 pm 

FRIDAY July 12

9:00 amSam Buss:
   On Clause Learning Algorithms for Satisfiability. abstract slides
9:30 am 
9:40 amGunnar Wilken:
   A short introduction to Patterns of Resemblance. abstract
10:10 am— Coffee Break —
10:40 amNatasha Dobrinen:
   Sliders. abstract slides
11:10 am 
11:20 amBen Miller:
   Local complexity among treeable equivalence relations, part 2. abstract
11:50 am 
12:00 pmOlga Krok and Petri Enges:
   Fishing in Finland. video
12:30 pm— Lunch Break —
2:20 pmFishing! (meet at the KGRC, leave there at 14:20)

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