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An introduction to theories without the independence propertyArchive for Mathematical LogicacceptedPreprint (400 KB)
A geometric introduction to forking and thorn-forkingJournal of Mathematical Logic 9 (1), 1–20June 2009Published version

Preprint (400 KB)

Thorn-forking as local forkingJournal of Mathematical Logic 9 (1), 21–38June 2009Published version

Preprint (400 KB)

Theories controlled by formulas of Vapnik-Chervonenkis codimension 1DraftJuly 2008Draft (160 KB)
A note on clique-width and tree-width for structures (with Isolde Adler)arXivJune 2008arXiv:0806.0103 [cs.LO]
Strong theories, burden, and weightDraftMarch 2007Draft (200 KB)
Strict orders prohibit elimination of hyperimaginariesShort noteFebruary 2007Short note (100 KB)
Notiz zur unären Cliquenweite von Strukturen (with Isolde Adler)Short noteDecember 2005DVI file (13 KB)
Explanation of IndependenceDissertationJune 2005arXiv:math/0511616 [math.LO]
A note on rosy theoriesShort noteJuly 2003DVI file (6 KB)
UnabhängigkeitsrelationenDiploma thesisDecember 1996PDF File (900 KB)

Slides and talk notes
(Since I like to make substantial use of the blackboard, my slides typically cover around 50 % of a talk.)
Model theory tutorial.
Tutorial before 15th Latin American Symposium on Mathematical Logic (May/June 2012). Part 1, PDF; Part 2, PDF; Part 3, PDF; Part 4, PDF.
Proof of the Kim-Chernikov-Kaplan Lemma.
BIRS Workshop on Neostability Theory, Banff (February 2012). PDF, 230 KB.
Kim's Lemma in NTP2 theories.
Mini-school in Model Theory, Torino (February 2011) PDF, 1.3 MB.
Combinatorics and geometry in an unstable world.
BIRS Workshop on Stability Theoretic Methods in Unstable Theories, Banff (February 2009). PDF, 200 KB.
Two aspects of stability theory.
Seminar of the Kurt Gödel Research Centre, Wien (January 2009). PDF, 200 KB.
Strict orders prohibit elimination of hyperimaginaries.
MODNET Barcelona Conference (November 2008). PDF, 160 KB.
The role of matroids in model theory.
Colloquium Logicum 2008, Jahrestagung der DVMLG, Darmstadt (September 2008).
Logic Seminar, Barcelona (November 2008)
PDF, 120 KB.
Theories controlled by formulas of VC codimension 1.
MODNET Research Workshop, O-minimality: model theory and geometry, Haifa (September 2008). PDF, 100 KB.
Strong theories, burden and weight.
Workshop Around Classification Theory, Leeds (June 2008). PDF, 80 KB.
Minimalismes [in French].
Séminaire Théorie des modèles, Lyon (May 2008). PDF, 80 KB.
Thorn-forking and generalised semimodularity.
UEA Pure Mathematics Seminar, Norwich (March 2008). PDF, 100 KB.
Strong theories and the independence property.
Logic Seminar, Oxford (March 2008). PDF, 90 KB.
Strong theories and weight.
MODNET Model Theory and Algebra Workshop, Camerino (June 2007). PDF, 100 KB.
Logic Seminar, Leeds (February 2007). PDF, 80 KB.
Shrinking indiscernibles.
MODNET Midterm Review Meeting, Mons (January 2007). PDF, 100 KB.
Understanding forking and thorn-forking.
Logic Seminar, Barcelona (May 2006). PDF, 200 KB.
The lattice of algebraically closed sets.
Workshop on Pure Model Theory, Norwich (July 2005). PDF, 90 KB.
Independence relations.
Kolloquium des Graduiertenkollegs Mathematische Logik und Anwendungen, Freiburg (January 2004). PDF, 120 KB.

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